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Thank you for supporting the

Recovery Gnome Project!

If you "Gno" someone who is in recovery or are a person in recovery from addiction yourself, create a Recovery Gnome that represents you and place your creation somewhere within your community!  We want these Recovery Gnomes to be spotted across BC and beyond to Celebrate Recovery and Inspire Conversation, Learning and HOPE!  


How to Make a Recovery Gnome

Ready to make your Recovery Gnome to celebrate recovery? Great! Don't know where to start? That's ok!  We have found the easiest "how to draw a cute gnome in 6 steps" tutorial by Recovery Gnomes are unique, so let your creativity guide you.  













Craft your Recovery Gnome out of anything that can withstand the weather-think about dressing your Recovery Gnome in suitable attire for rainy days i.e. use waterproof ink/paint and weather resistant materials such as wood. We have found that acrylic paints and sharpies work best topped with a layer of varnish if possible. When you are ready to set your Recovery Gnome free, celebrate and spread the word by posting pictures of any Recovery Gnomes that you encounter along with their secret location #RecoveryGnomeProject. Also, feel free to put our QR code on your Recovery Gnomes!

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Regarding Anonymity

If you are in recovery, you are welcome to put your first name and clean/sober date on your Recovery Gnome if you wish.  If you are a friend or loved one of someone in recovery, we encourage you to write “friend” “son” “daughter” “wife”, etc., on your Recovery Gnome but no names please!  You are welcome to make as many Recovery Gnomes as you have relationships with people in recovery. The more the merrier and the better the visual representation-after all recovery and hope can be found everywhere, you just have to keep your eyes open!

Where do I Place my Recovery Gnome?

Recovery Gnomes can go anywhere; up high, down low, in windows, trees or flower beds- be as creative as you dare but respectful of people’s property! Please do try to prevent loneliness as Recovery Gnomes prefer being close to friends and community. Don’t hide them where they will never be seen and, if possible, make sure a Gnome friend is near-by. 

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