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About the Recovery Gnome Project

The Recovery Gnome Project is a grass roots movement founded by family members with loved ones in recovery.  We understand that many people are unaware of the incredible positive impact that Addiction Recovery has, and how the lasting effects surround us everywhere.  As families who have watched loved ones struggle through active addiction, we want to change that!  The Recovery Gnome Project encourages the creation and placement of Recovery Gnomes in communities across Canada (and beyond!) to celebrate recovery, and to inspire conversation, learning, and hope.

Why Gnomes?

These mysterious creatures are a symbol of good luck and hope.  Gnomes are guardians of treasure.  Having experienced the chaos that active addiction brings, family members such as ourselves have discovered there is no greater treasure than recovery.  Addiction Recovery is something to be valued, supported and nurtured as it impacts the world around us in such positive ways. 

When you happen upon a Recovery Gnome, “gno” that it was placed there to honour and support a loved one in recovery, and to acknowledge the value that recovery brings to every community.  Who gnos?  You might even be lucky enough to find a Recovery Gnome with a date on it…the first day of someone’s recovery journey! 

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Support the Recovery Gnome Project by wearing a t-shirt! 

How to Make a Recovery Gnome

Ready to make your Recovery Gnome to celebrate recovery? Great! Don't know where to start? That's ok!  We made a video to give you an idea of how you can make your own Recovery Gnome. Recovery Gnomes are unique, so let your creativity guide you.

Regarding Anonymity

  • If you are in recovery, you are welcome to put your first name and clean/sober date on your Recovery Gnome if you wish.

  • If you are a friend or loved one of someone in recovery, we encourage you to write “friend” “son” “daughter” “wife”, etc., on your Recovery Gnome but no names please!

  • You are welcome to make as many Recovery Gnomes as you have relationships with people in recovery.

Where do I Place my Recovery Gnome?

Recovery Gnomes can go anywhere; up high, down low, in windows, trees or flower beds- be as creative as you dare but respectful of people’s property! Please do try to prevent loneliness as Recovery Gnomes prefer being close to friends and community. Don’t hide them where they will never be seen and, if possible, make sure a Gnome friend is near-by. 

Recovery Gnome News

How You Can Get Involved

Are you an advocate for addiction recovery? Interested in helping celebrate recovery from addiction? Here are some things you can do to support and celebrate recovery from addiction through the Recovery Gnome Project ...

  • Follow us on our Social Media pages (Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram)!

  • Like our posts, share our pictures, and retweet us to help spread the word about addiction recovery!

  • Make a Recovery Gnome, take a photo, and share it. If you don't want to share it on your personal page, that's ok! We value and respect anonymity. Email us at or send it to us via private message on Social Media. We'll share it anonymously!

  • Encourage your friends and family to make and share a Recovery Gnome!

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