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Here's some ideas...

  • Commission a hand-painted Recovery Gnome to celebrate someone's (or your!) recovery.  Choose from a variety of styles and add customization (first name? sober/clean date?)

  • Commission a hand-knit Recovery Gnome.  Choose from a variety of styles and add a customized tag (first name? sober/clean date?)

  • Register a clean/sober date and first name/initials to our Recovery Gnome celebration calendar - include a picture of your Painted or Knit Recovery Gnome if you like

  • Have the gnomies install your hand-painted Recovery Gnome in a public location of your choice (within the limits of the law and reason!!)

  • Have the gnomies send/deliver a hand-painted or knit Recovery Gnome to someone you want to celebrate

  • Create a package of any or all of the above suggestions (see bundles below for examples)

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