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Recovery Gnome Project

What is Recovery?

"It's the mindful pursuit of physical, emotional, and spiritual wellness."

                       -RGP Team

About Us

As parents who were broken down by the chaos of watching their loved ones struggle with and through active addiction, our founding members were brought together by a few of the many silver linings of recovery- support, community and friendship. As they each embarked on their own unique recovery journey, it became clear that changes were needed, and these changes were not only in their own personal behaviours, perceptions and expectations but in society as a whole.

The Recovery Gnome Project definition of Recovery is the “mindful pursuit of physical, emotional and spiritual wellness”.  As they proudly told people about their own recovery journeys and those of their loved ones, they were met with a variety of responses.  What they were expecting from family, friends and acquaintances alike was the same joy and excitement that they themselves felt. 

However, instead of elation and encouragement, some people expressed sadness for their situations while others had no idea what recovery meant or that it was even a viable option for those struggling with addiction.  Just as alarmingly they were confronted with negative vernacular by those who did not understand that addiction is a disease, not a personal choice.  Hence, the Recovery Gnome Project, a grassroots visibility movement was founded with its mission to Celebrate Recovery and Inspire Conversation, Learning and Hope!

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Gnome of the Week

Happy Pride from 14th and Cambie!

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This week's Gnomes come to us from the Mount Pleasant Neighbourhood, where fairy gardens can be found on every block!

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