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Recovery Gnome Project

What is Recovery?

"It's the mindful pursuit of physical, emotional, and spiritual wellness."

                       -RGP Team

About Us

The Recovery Gnome Project, founded by family members with loved ones who have struggled with the disease of addiction, was created with a specific mission: 

 To Celebrate Recovery-

Inspire Conversation, Learning, & Hope! 

We are familiar with the devastating impact addiction has on the entire family; the stigma of addiction for all involved can create a very lonely and bleak world. Regaining what was lost takes an incredible amount of hope and support. Having been there ourselves, we know that recovery is not only possible it's happening all around us-families can and do recover!   


Embarking on unique recovery journeys has led us to our definition of recovery, "The mindful pursuit of physical, emotional and spiritual wellbeing." To help normalize the concept of recovery, the RGP has created a variety of campaigns designed to meet our mission. Along the way we have discovered that some of the best healing comes from shared experiences: Whether a chat while painting a Recovery Gnome or a run with a group of Recovery 'n Motion teammates, conversation, learning, and hope are sure to follow.


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Why Gnomes?


These mysterious creatures are symbols of good luck and hope; Gnomes are the guardians of treasure. The RGP believes there is no better treasure than the gift of recovery and the freedom that comes with it.


Recovery is something to be valued, guarded, and nurtured as it impacts the world around us in such positive ways. 


To see how you can help Celebrate Recovery by placing Recovery Gnomes in your community, please click here!

 "Get Gnoming" 

Recovery Gnome Sightings & More!

Click the gnome above to hear the RGP share some of their stories on Talk Recovery Radio!

Thank You
Runners, Supporters, Cheerleaders 

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